Covid-19 and the Court Leet

Warwick Court Leet, in the year of lockdown, when we all faced the pandemic that raced through the world.

This country has seen nothing like it since the great influenza epidemic of 1918 that killed more people than the total number of those lost in the entire First World War. None of us could have imagined the effect that it would have on our personal, social, and working lives.

The Court Leet obviously lost its largest fund raising event of the year, the Summer Beer Festival. However, the Inner Court has been meeting electronically and has drafted a new diary for 2021 that we hope will include the Spring Court when Presentments can once again be received and the induction of new Jurors who have now been waiting for almost a year to be admitted can take place. The Steward, Bailiff and Foreman have been quietly steering the ship through the troubled waters and are raring to get back into the melee of normal Court life.

The provisional 2021 Warwick Court Leet Diary, appears on the Events Calendar page although events scheduled early next year may not be able to take place. Announcements of any changes will appear as News items.

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